Erika Brooke Whitten

Erika Brooke Whitten

Licensed Agent & Contracts Admin

About Erika Brooke Whitten

Erika Brooke Whitten is a Missouri licensed real estate agent and serves the Kansas City, Missouri area! She has more than 5 years of direct experience working with investors in the insurance sector. In this time, she has amassed a keen understanding for investor needs and the accompanying services that delivers a total customer service experience to this niche group.

Erika loves helping buyers and sellers that are brand spanking new to the process and need help with all of the ins and outs of the process as well as those that have been buying and selling for many years!

Erika states that her job and passion, is to help you find that perfect spot and to make it as painless as possible. When Erika isn’t working, she’s being a mama to 3 great boys and wife to a wonderful husband! She loves reading, writing, and watching all things superhero!

The real estate industry is ever growing, developing and becoming more and more consumer-friendly every day. Erika, who defines happiness as freedom would love to assist you on the journey to obtaining your first or next home!