Maria Nunez

Maria Nunez

Realtor & Leasing Agent

About Maria Nunez

Maria Nuñez currently serves as a Realtor and Leasing Agent at TREH KC, the property management division of The Real Estate House.  She is proudly fluent in both English and Spanish and possesses a ready knowledge of the KC metropolitan housing market. For years, she has worked the other side of the business building houses. She has spent time roofing, framing, drywall, painting, cabinetry, tiling, and installing granite countertops to name a few skills. At one time, Maria’s responsibilities included cleaning new construction homes, edifices that she followed from their blueprint plans to the point of sale to customers.  

Maria is excited to now be a realtor on a team where she can began to blossom in the sale of real estate. Her goal is to use her skills to assist both english and non-english speaking customers achieve their goals whether purchasing or selling their properties.  

Maria takes pride in being responsible, professional and dedicated in everything she does and is passionate about the level of service she delivers to her clients. She believes there are no limits and if you’re willing to work, you can achieve your goals!