Tarold Davis

Tarold Davis

Real Estate Investor & Developer

About Tarold Davis

Real estate investing has been proven to be the #1 vehicle in the creation of wealth.  Over the years, I have witnessed how strategic property investing can create a path to financial freedom and independence! For this reason, I sought early on to become a real estate investor and developer. 

For the past 6 years, I have actively been engaged in the development and redevelopment of multifamily housing.  Through investor partnerships and other key relationships, I have successfully completed over $20 million in project acquisitions and renovations.   My clients benefit from my extensive knowledge of acquisition strategies, construction management, and asset management. 

In applying my specific market knowledge, I am able to quickly assess if an investment is viable. In multifamily investing, understanding the complexities of underwriting a project is key to a performing asset. My underwriting standards will allow for investors to have minimum exposure in the event of extreme market volatility. Investors can depend on my thorough understanding of the due diligence process.  Being familiar with what to look for during the due diligence process can mean the success or failure of an investment. Investing in multifamily housing can be intimidating. You can rest assured that I will be here to guide you through the process to make informed investment decisions. 

If you are interested in building strong performing real estate portfolio, contact me today! 

Notable Projects:
12th Street Apartments (Acquisition /Rehab) – $3.5 million 
Village East Apartments (Acquisition/ Rehab) – $2 million 
Ivanhoe Duplexes (New Construction) – $1.5M
Morningstar Senior Apartments (New Construction) – $9 million 
St. Francis Apartments (Acquisition Rehab) -$11 million